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Goddess Party

Ritual & Celebration

For Your Special Occasion

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    Celebrating life events through ritual and sisterhood.


    Hen's Party

    Baby Shower

    Leaving Party

    Moon Ceremony

    Divorce / Break up

    Change of Career

    Feminine Connection

    Just for fun

    Letting Go

    Workshop / Retreat

    Celebrations are about having fun!

    Goddess Party invites consciousness into your celebrations via ritual to honour and respect the reason for your gathering.

    Our Gatherings include:


    "For centuries women have come together through ritual to

    connect, share, heal and celebrate."


    Goddesses gathering to support, love and empower each other through celebration.

    Each Goddess and their life celebration is unique, which is why we tailor make your experience especially for you!


    Your party begins with a welcome sacred cacao ceremony and moves into your personalised special celebration activity. It's a  time to connect with the special women in your lives and to have some fun in healthy and positive way!


    Meet the Goddess Team

    We began Goddess Party as a way to gather with our closest girlfriends in a fun and meaningful way

    by connecting through ritual for birthdays,

    divorce, hens, baby shower etc.


    Libby Cattalini - Spirit Connect

    Libby is a Shamanic Practitioner and Sound Therapist who started Goddess Party. She brings love and care to ensure your celebration is special.


    Dina Sagia

    General Manager. Dina is Goddess of organisation and collaboration and creates the perfect goddess party If a challenge comes her way she has it sorted with a smile. There is nothing she can't do.


    Liberty Mckinlay

    Communication and PR. Liberty is the Goddess of creativity and communication. She spreads our Goddess Party wisdom and offering with majestic flair and grace. 

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    Activity Specialists

    We invite talented musicians, dancers, artists and therapists into our Goddess circle to lead specific activities for your special celebration. 

    Women with a Cause

    Add a personalised ceremony to your

    workshop or retreat.


    We offer tailored ceremonies and activities to complement your workshop, retreat or team building activities. Please contact us directly to discuss a unique experience for your gathering.


    Marble Surface

    "Women are the backbones of the family. We need to support ourselves to support others."

    Belly Dancer

    Get In Touch

    We'd love to chat with you  about your personalised Goddess celebration. 

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